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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bling Em On with Brooches

It would be nice to own an exquisite brooch or two-- you never know when you may need them. It would come in handy as a hair clip (yup, it works this way), or to add accent to a simple dress, giving it some oomph.

Here are my picks as noteworthy brooches.

A signed tiara brooch by
Tiffany which was available at Estate Diamond Jewelry, is a very exquisite piece.

Rau's Antiques keeps churning out these awesome pieces, one of it, this approx. 7ct. blue sapphire pin with diamonds
for US$36,000.

Here's another from EstateDiamondJewelry, and this ruby and diamond piece
is so oddly familiar. It reminds me of one of the brooches of Empress Eugenie of France. This brooch is Victorian- French, and costs US$44,000.

In fact, here is a diamond brooch
that actually once belonged to Empress Eugenie. Notice the similarity in the "spike" design indicative of this era.

So, invest in a good brooch because it can completely alter your look from simple to regal :)


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