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Monday, May 29, 2006


Princess Margaret's jewels which are up for auction at Christie's in London, are on display at the Hong Kong Convention Centre from May 26 til the next few days, before it flies off again.

HK's South China Morning Post wrote a feat on the exhibit.The Very important royal jewellery-- The Poltimore Tiara, which can also be converted into a necklace, The
Lady Mount Stephen diamond riviere that Princess Margaret's grandmother, Queen Mary gave to her,, and the 5-strand art deco pearl necklace are all on display as well. The George III diamond Maltese cross, as well as the pink topaz brooch, and the diamond monogram M brooch with coronet were also brought in.

I can be this sure, that the estimated prices on the catalogue, are definitely not the prices with which these precious jewels will be sold for, as sales such as this one usually command at least triple the price of the estimated amounts for each piece (such as the ruby earrings below that's estimated at US$12,700 *valued for the stones and workmanship only*) (and that number increases if the piece is more important historically *ie. if they were gifts from
Princess Margaret's parents or if Queen Mary had worn the same piece before handing it over to the Princess-- like the Lady Mount Stephen/ Queen Mary riviere, which stones alone, are already estimated at £300,000!!)

Also other jewellery noteworthy (non royal) on display are ones that were brought in to Hong Kong for the London Important jewellery auction. This diamond cluster ring was extremely beautiful. I was lucky enough to inspect it up close and try it on for size. The ring was just breathtaking, and it's size, well, enough to make one gawk at it. Estimated to sell for about

The turquoise suite is gorgeous as well. This is a signed piece of
Van Cleef and Arpels, and is estimated to sell for at least £28,000.

For more information, check out Christie's for the jewellery auction calendar. HK auction is on June 1, and there are MANY exquisite pieces as well (if you are looking for large diamonds with D-G color, then you should park yourself in HK for that auction). And for a whiff of the
Princess Margaret Jewellery, the auction is on June 13 in London.

Cheers and Happy Ogling. Hopefully someone among us would bid on one of those pieces and get to tell us the happy news of winning it!!

Good Luck!!


At 7:51 AM, Anonymous paz said...

OMG, that turquiose suite is gorgeous! lucky for you to see those jewels up close and personal!

how big are each stones in the riviere necklace? at least 7 carats each?

kat should skip Vegas and head off to HK at Christie's! LOL!

At 5:32 PM, Blogger MRS. T said...

Central stone of the Queen mary riviere is 7 carats. surrounding that are 6 carats. i love the graduation in size. it's amazing. i would have died if they allowed people to try the necklace on. I swear I wouldve lined up to try it on. Once in a lifetime chance haha, coz I know i will NEVER be able to own a piece as exquisite as this. Yes Kat should go bid for this piece! tell her to head to UK for the auction!!!

At 5:16 AM, Blogger KRiSTOPHER DUKES said...

Ooh la love. Adore that crowned M, only would much prefer it with a K.

BTW, blogged about you:


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