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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Royalty Perfect

It is certainly no sin to dream. After all, some dreams do come true. Case in point, Princess Mary of Denmark, formerly known as Mary Donaldson of Australia. She was having drinks at a local pub when in walked the royal boys of Europe. Her beauty caught the eye of Prince Frederik. And a few years later, she became Crown Princess of her adopted country, Denmark.Being a royal has its perks, among them, unlimited (well at least we commoners think so) access to the royal jewel coffers *oh and what a privilege that is!* Case in point number 2: Princess Mary "inherited by marriage" the crown jewels of Queen Mother Ingrid-- when Queen Mom passed away, she bequeathed her ruby parure and tiara to Crown Prince Frederik's future bride. And voila, Princess Mary gets them :)

So this post is dedicated to Royalty. If I were given the opportunity to shop jewelry with a noblewoman (a Crown princess would be great), here are my choices.

Now, this necklace may come across as remarkably gaudy at first, but the longer I stared at it, the more beautiful it became. I love the cluster- fringe style of this necklace as well-- it's got that royal element going.
SJ Phillips is selling this piece for over £40,000.

Another piece I would like to see, is this antique diamond fringe necklace which converts to a tiara. Again, this piece by
SJ Phillips costs well over £40,000.

Here's an ornate tiara frame and floret necklace from
Christie's auction house. The bid for this began at £20,000 which was a steal! (Unfortunately I didn't know how much the hammer price was for this exquisite piece). The florets as a tiara is beautiful!

And here's another diamond bib necklace fit for a princess, from Christie's.

A sapphire and diamond tiara
from Bonham's, this was estimated to sell between£35,000 - £40,000.

Not to disappoint is yet another beautiful diamond necklace of unknown provenance.
And of course, lastly the Poltimore Tiara (a Garrard signed piece), once owned by HRH The Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. This beauty is up for grabs now at the upcoming auction at Christie's London. Have moolah? Do bid! This stunning headpiece is in my opinion, priceless.

Enough eye candy for now. Til the next post! More jewels to come :)


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