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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Engagement Rings... To have and to hold :)

It's been awhile since my last entry, so I figured, it's time for more ogling!

Here are my picks for engagement rings-- let's face it, given the choice, not everyone is satisfied with a solitaire (again I say this, given the choice!) The more creative, the better-- it adds more character to the ring, right? But hey, if the solitaire is a big stone-- the rule about "the bigger the better" totally works!

Fay Cullen
light yellow diamond over 2 carats surrounded by white round diamonds, giving this ring that "sunburst" look. It's gorgeous. It better be. It's priced at

Fay Cullen cabochon emeralds and sapphires with a central Old european cut diamond over 2 carats. Another yummy ring with a unique character to it. I love cabochons and these are custom cut pieces made to fit the setting! US$12,000.

MS Rau Antiques
captivating emerald with diamonds (Edwardian style) ring. Cabochon emerald stone is a stunning 4 carats, flanked by 2 old european cut diamonds each weighing over 1.5 carats. Price is stunning too, at

MS Rau Antiques
9.44 carat fancy intense yellow diamond ring (internally flawless) with over 1.20 carats of white diamonds as side stones transcends time. Nothing really beats big bling except a big colored diamond bling. This is certainly no exception. A huge rock like this merits bodyguards and an arm sling :D US$260,000.

SJ Phillips pear shaped ruby and diamond ring. This is a very unusual 2 stone ring, set with surrounding diamonds and calibre rubies. Priced at
over £10,000.

Enjoy looking at the rings and I hope you find inspiration in them :)


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